Medical Typing Solutions (MTS) is an Australian owned and operated medical transcription business with its head office in Brisbane, operating locally, nationally and globally.
MTS is a service provider of medical typing, medico-legal reporting, insurance and investigative reporting to private and public hospitals, general practitioners, specialists in medicine, allied health, work cover organisations and insurance companies. MTS offers the additional scope of a virtual medical office functionality for their clients. Medical Typing Solutions benefits their clients by reducing internal costs pertaining to labour/revenue ratio and overall operating overheads. Outsourcing to Medical Typing Solutions provides: significant increase in productivity and rapid turnaround time for medical reporting; reduction or no personnel/annual leave entitlements accruing as a business liability; and minimal fixed costs, in particular during non-peak periods.
All personnel are appropriately skilled, based on competencies, which are monitored to ensure a high level of efficiency and productivity.

Medical Typing Solutions
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