Medical Typing Solutions offers a standard turnaround service within 24 hours. MTS also offers urgent/stat/immediate turnaround of two hours if requested. Unlike other service providers, Medical Typing Solutions does not outsource their client's typing to other providers, nor do they outsource internationally.

If you were opening a new office today and had a choice between in-house or outsourcing your dictation, what would you choose? Medical Typing Solutions offers a way of doing business and a solution which gives your business the flexibility you desire using the latest technology and turnaround capability.

Medical Typing Solutions offers:
  • Transcription service available 24-hours a day, seven days a week
  • No sick leave or holiday leave issues
  • No fixed costs during quiet periods
  • No recruitment costs/staff turnover
  • Specialised medical and legal typing staff
  • No management time wasted-typing staff are optimally utilised
  • No lease or other office costs
  • Ability to downsize/upsize immediately
  • Same day turnaround if requested
  • No superannuation issues
  • No work cover/insurance issues
  • Competitive hourly rate
  • 100% productivity
  • Less stress for our clients in knowing Medical Typing Solutions is working for them!

Digital Dictation Transcription

This service offers you the capability of dictating into your digital recorder, then directly downloading onto your computer anywhere and at any time.

Dictation is converted to an audio file onto your computer, which is then transmitted via e-mail directly to Medical Typing Solutions' e-mail address, whereupon it is promptly transcribed and returned to you as a Word document by return e-mail or directly via remote access. Alternatively, you may still use your portable recorder and download this to your computer. Digital dictation is quick, user friendly and reliable. It also means there are no problems with lost tapes, re-dictation due to broken tapes, etc. as the audio file is always there for re-transmission in the unlikely event of a problem.

Speech Recognition Transcription

Medical Typing Solutions offers speech recognition services with the use of the Dragon Premium System. This system facilitates the use of voice recognition via transcribing spoken recordings using a Nuance approved digital recorder. In some cases, practitioners prefer MTS to integrate these voice recordings directly into the system and edit accordingly. MTS is willing to integrate additional software solutions to increase efficiency and productivity.

Smart Phone/ Tablet / iPad Transcription

These devices give you the capability to dictate directly by downloading an App from iTunes using your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Tablet device to create dictations to upload to MTS.

Remote Access Transcription

Clients have the ability to set up remote access to a computer in their office or home. This application is extremely convenient for clients who use Genie, BlueChip or a similar product. Once set up, our typist will log directly into your office system and work as if they were sitting in your office - often referred to as a "virtual typist".

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